Open Back Dress with Sash


This daring asymmetrical dress was made to be noticed. An open back crossed by a single, wide strap imbues this style with a powerful yet playful sensuality. Sumptuous 100% Stretch Silk flatters the body, while the bared shoulder and tie at the waist gives the illusion of being daringly undone. This style is finished by hand for couture-quality craftsmanship.

Your dress is hand MADE for you by a home sewist. When you receive compliments on your style (and trust us, you will), you can say, “Thanks! It’s factory-free and handmade for me by (insert your sewist’s name)!”


100% Stretch Silk

Silk is a natural fiber produced by mulberry silkworms and has long been regarded as a rare and precious material. In addition to being impressively soft and smooth to the touch, this eco-friendly fiber is recyclable and biodegrades. Our silk is 95% pure, with a small amount of Lycra added for increased durability, so your garments can remain in excellent condition through many years of frequent wear.


  • Adjustable; One size fits most.
  • 100% Italian Silk Devore
  • Made in the U.S.A. by a home sewist.
  • Signed for authenticity and intended for life-long wear.